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Angie Helm
Sept 12
Annie Smith
Sept 29
Barbara Zazas
Dec 31
Barb Smith
July 27
Becki Walker
Sept 25
Beth Roehr
May 20
Chris Walker
Sept 26

David Walker
Nov 06
Dusty Walker
Aug 07
Erin Walker
Nov 23
Gary Roehr
Sept 25
Gabi Roehr
Mar 06
Harlie Walker
June 02
Helen Walker
Oct 25


Jacob Walker
Dec 21
Jeff Walker
Aug 21
Jennifer Mcknight
Jan 17
JoAnn Walker
Feb 01
Jo Ann Walker
June 12
Joey Brown
Aug 20
John Walker
June 29
Jon N. Brown
Apr 19
Judy Roehr
Nov 18
Kassy Walker
Oct 11
Laura Mcknight
July 23
Lee Walker
June 8
Linda Walker
June 21
Matt Roehr
Nov 8
Robert Mcknight
July 16
Ryan Walker
Nov 20
Sam Smith
Oct 5
Scott Roehr
Aug 20
Sheri Roehr
July 19
Stephen Walker
April 21
Stephen Walker
Dec 26

Tyler Walker
Mar 15
Zacherie Walker
Apr 30
Stephen Helm
Oct 22
Sept 15, 1999
Elijah Walker
June 18
Maggie Walker
May 20
Oct 20
January 15
Sept 15, 1999
Harlie G. Walker
March 24


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